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Bring your vision to life


Explore the art of equine photography as it comes to life through captivating portraits, branding visuals, and sale and marketing photos, offered on your facility or location of your choosing. My passion is capturing the unique and timeless beauty of horses, creating stunning visual narratives that celebrate the spirit and connection between horses and their people.


Whether you're looking for a striking portrait to adorn your walls, professional branding imagery that speaks to the essence of your equine enterprise, or sale and marketing photos that showcase your horses in the best possible light.


Through a blend of artistry, technical expertise, and savviness for the business operations of the equestrian world, I'm dedicated to providing a down-to-earth experience that allows your authenticity to shine through. 

Explore my session types and packages and discover how we can bring your vision to life, preserving the magic of your horse's presence in every frame.



Every person has a unique personality, and so does their horse. I prioritize authenticity and force-free handling in my sessions to ensure an overall positive experience. When in front of my camera, scruffy backyard-type ponies and clipped and braided show horses alike are equally beloved and will have all of the things you love about them highlighted. The same goes for people too!


Bronze Package

starting at $375

  • Up to 1 hour session

  • 1 tack/apparel change (included in session time)

  • 10-15 edited, web resolution digital images.

  • Personal online store to purchase prints and wall art from your session.


Silver Package

starting at $550

  • 1 - 1.5 hour session

  • 1-2 tack/apparel changes (included in session time)

  • 20-25 edited, web resolution digital images

  • Personal online store to purchase prints and wall art from your session.

  • $100 print credit OR 5 high resolution digitals of your choosing.



Gold Package

starting at $775

  • Up to 1.5 hour session

  • Unlimited tack/apparel changes (included in session time)

  •  30-40 edited, web resolution digital images.

  • Personal online store to purchase prints and wall art from your session.

  • $200 print credit OR 10 high resolution digital images of your choosing.

*Best package for those interested in mounted and unmounted photos or with multiple horses.


Premier Package

starting at $1450

  • Up to 2-hour session 

  • Unlimited tack/apparel changes (included in session time)

  • 30-40 edited, web resolution digital images.

  • Personal online store to purchase prints and wall art from your session.

  • $300 print credit OR 20 high resolution digitals of your choosing.

  • 8x8 linen album of your session included ($300 value).



Liberty Sessions

To be at liberty is for a horse to be in its most natural state. There's nothing better than watching horses be themselves - except having stunning images of them as such!


Let your horse's personality shine solo or capture the playful dynamic between a pair or herd.  All you need is a pasture or open space and to unclip that halter. Horse not the exuberant type? No worries, horses will never be chased or scared into running, and there's still so many details to capture of your equine friend. 



Up to 45 minutes shooting time

Gallery of 15-20 web-resolution, edited digital images.

Personal online store to purchase additional prints and products from your session. 


Sale Horse Sessions

In the equine world, high quality photos are crucial to grab the attention of potential buyers and convey the value of the animal you're marketing. Investing in a photo session can help you successfully market your sale horses or horses in your breeding program.


Two types of sessions are offered in order to properly meet your needs. Session rate is for one horse. Add $100/ additional horse for sale horse sessions only. 



Full-body conformation photos at all angles

Head and detail shots

Short liberty/lunging time included in session

Delivered gallery of web-resolution digital images



Everything in previous package PLUS under saddle/performance photos




Elevate your equine business or non-profit's online presence with a gallery of high-quality photos at your disposal. Perfect for social media content, websites, banners, or print advertising.


Stand out from the crowd and show your potential clients what and who they can expect from their equine service provider, and increase credibility and brand recognition in a competitive market. We will work together to show your audience what makes you, YOU!

Branding images are a key marketing tool for:

Veterinarians, Dentists, and Farriers

Equine Bodyworkers

Freelance Saddle Fitters

Trainers, Instructors, and Clinicians

Boarding and Training Facilities

Apparel and Product Vendors

Equine Non-Profits and Rescues

Sessions starting at $550

Please contact me to discuss your needs and get a personalized quote.


  • Travel fees may apply for locations more than 65 miles outside of zip code 19343

  • Delivered images are edited in the photographer's style for color correction, cropping, and small object removal. Any additional or complex edits may be performed for an extra editing fee. 

  • Packages include web size digital images with a small watermark/signature suitable for personal use and social media.

  • Print products, wall art and high-resolution digitals with print release available for purchase à la carte via your gallery's online store. Print credit included in select packages. 

  •  Want to book a session for more than one person? Reach out for a custom group/barn booking quote!

  • Packages can be customized to include videography. 

Get in touch today to schedule one of the above sessions, find out which session or package meets your needs, or get started on a custom package designed just for you!

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